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Ad for an online shop that is well done and actually entertaining

Now admittedly, my command of the Dutch language is somewhat limited so I could have misunderstood what’s really going on, but I love this clever page that came across my path today [thanks to my colleague, Peter Clem]. As far as I can tell, the legendary Dutch department store Hema moved its Web site from to plain old With clever use of animation that brings all the usually-static products on an e-tail site to life (what can I say? I always loved things like dominoes, too) mayhem is wrought among the products — and the page design itself — before would-be consumers are redirected to the newer site (which leaves out the balloons and boiling kettles but presumably has rather better functionality and lets you actually buy stuff — as I don’t live in Holland, I didn’t test this). It’ll probably irritate as many people as it entertains, but I found it whimsical, playful and really rather lovely. And I bet it gets forwarded to a ton of people, some of whom might even sign up for the Hema newsletter. Job’s a good ‘un.