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'Allow Normalcy to Reign'

Sometimes the best way to reduce stress and handle the challenges of B-school is to participate more fully in your own

There are many challenges to be faced in life, and each new challenge is compared with the previous one. Each additional test prepares your mind and body for the stress of the next. For example, the pressure of studying for midterms and finalizing projects halfway through the term prepared me for the stress of facing the similar challenge of finals and end-of-term projects. Though the material was increasing in complexity and more was expected of us, the challenge was more manageable.

The critical part of dealing with the overwhelming nature of new challenges is being able to manage stress. Various extracurricular activities can help with stress, but so can working on an internship search. How could looking for an internship help reduce stress when it means you have to commit at least an hour out of your day going to a meeting, drinking coffee, and rushing back to class? If you enjoy meeting new people and you find someone who is willing to sit with you and talk about his or her career, there is no reason you cannot enjoy yourself and escape from the pressures of school. People who take the time to speak with an MBA student want to help. In addition to working on your job search, you also are enjoying yourself while learning and being reminded of why you went back to school. It's a productive escape from the academic grind.