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Making the World Better Through Chocolate

Organic chocolate may not keep the weight off but it is more eco-friendly than the typical bonbon

Studies show that chocolate—at least dark chocolate when eaten in moderation—is good for you. But is consuming chocolate good for the world we live in, too?

With green and eco-friendly designations popping up on everything from lightbulbs to auto mechanics, more chocoholics may be asking that question this Valentine's Day, when 45% of us of are expected to give or receive candy as a gift. But be warned: If you are looking to make a serious ecological statement with chocolate, it may be simpler to just pass on that box of bonbons. "There is no way chocolate can be made green when the major ingredient has to be shipped thousands of miles from where it's grown to where it's processed into chocolate," argues chocolate expert Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate (Gotham Books).