Lots Of Money

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Lots of money being spent. The stimulus program will be in excess of $160 billion, the proposed 2009 Federal budget is $3.1 trillion, which is $410 billion more than it is taking in, and if unemployment picks up I would expect additional expenditures on extending unemployment benefits, aiding homeowners, as well as incentives to increase corporate spending. And of course it’s an election year, so there is no better time to spend; increasing taxes, oh excuse me for being politically incorrect, revenue enhancers, special purpose surcharges, and phase-out deductions, are for after the election. The stimulus checks could be in the mail by June, which should be about when the Fed rate reductions should start to be felt, which is right after those delayed tax refunds (another years, another AMT fix) arrive. So, as a consumer and a good American, if the government sends me a check (rebate, stimulus, anything), I will spend it, but as a greedy investor how can I benefit?

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