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From Apple: Organization Made Easy

Apple's Bento can provide structure for any number of everyday taskslike planning your kid's birthday party

Databases are the workhorses of modern computing. When you buy a plane ticket, get a book recommendation from (AMZN), or receive your paycheck, a database is doing the heavy lifting. But because getting a database to do anything useful requires some programming skill, a great tool for organizing information has not been available to the vast majority of computer users.

FileMaker, a division of Apple (AAPL), is out to change that with Bento. It's a $50 database for the rest of us—at least those of us who use Macs. Bento takes the essence of FileMaker Pro, a database-management program aimed at small- and midsize businesses, and marries it to Mac's new Leopard operating system. The result is a powerful organizing tool anyone can use.