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Codemasters CEO: We’re The Pixar Of Game Design

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to sit down and rap with the straight-talking, energetic Rod Cousens, CEO of European game-maker Codemasters. Cousens made some waves a while back for publicly suggesting that his company might make an attractive acquisition target for the newly juiced two-man arms race between Electronic Arts (ERTS) and Activision-Blizzard (ATVI), a suggestion he also made in our interview.

Cousens is sharp and has that unique ability to analogize the business developments in the gaming industry to other markets, music and film in particular. (No surprise, the industries aren’t terribly different in some major ways.) He’s also an outspoken advocate of innovation, both at the design and publishing levels. The latter analogy brought him to comparing Codemasters with Pixar, which managed to innovate circles around bigger players before eventually being swallowed up by Disney (DIS). Maybe, maybe not.