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$1.6 Trillion. Now We're Talking Stimulus

That's how much is just sitting on U.S. company books. And for what? Corporations with fat cash reserves aren't doing much for investorsor the economy

A check for $300? $600? $1,600? Uncle Sam's treating, so it's all good. Oh, tax rebate, imagine the places we'll go! Best Buy (BBY). The Olive Garden (DRI). Foreclosure arbitration. In a totally unrelated development, annotated copies of our national debt will now be available in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

But before you get stoked over just $150 billion in tax aid, forget not the huddled, cuff-linked masses, those with millions of fiduciary mouths to feed but who are too scared to spend. American CEOs, with hundreds of billions at their disposal, could make more of a stimulative difference than all of our shopping sprees combined.