Seagate's FreeAgent Pro

This worthy backup device with a terabyte of space may be a little too bulky to tote, but it'll look nice on your desk. And price? Per gigabyte, it's a steal

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Copious, inexpensive backup storage in an attractive device that doesn't hog desk space

The Bad: Too big to throw in your computer bag

The Bottom Line: Most don't need a terabyte of disk space, and the backup software isn't dead-simple to use

For computer users who've taken the plunge into the world of backup storage devices and services meant to safeguard their files, life can be a series of trade-offs. Online services including Mozy and Xdrive promise hardware-free peace of mind, but the backups can be slow, and some people find it unsettling to store precious files and confidential information on someone else's servers. On the device side, the panoply of hard drives that users can plug into their PCs supply speed and a sense of ownership but can run short of space and often come bundled with clunky software that can be frustrating to operate.

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