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Avoid Overcomplicating a Crisis

When confronted with a crisis, small business owners must avoid responding in ways that further complicate the situation. It’s natural to think big problems require big solutions, and so take excessive action, be it launching e-mail blasts, over-delegating, over-analyzing, or calling all-hands-on-deck meetings, even when our intuition tells us that complexity is best met with simplicity.

A true leader finds the most compelling actions to take amid chaos, and guides employees and others to do the same. When facing a very difficult situation, pause, reflect, and ask yourself and/or your team: What is the single most powerful action to take in order to address this issue? As you take that first powerful step, you can find the next one, and the next. When you create such a series of simple, powerful steps to resolution, you save yourself and your people from the spin cycle of excessive actions and reactions.