Jim Citrin*

Senior director, Spencer Stuart

Company Info: Spencer Stuart

Web site: SpencerStuart.com

Address: Financial Centre, 695 E. Main St., Stamford, CT, 06901

Phone: 203-324-6333

E-mail: jcitrin@spencerstuart.com

Advice: True success comes when you work in a position that plays to your natural strengths, is meaningful to you, and allows you to work with people you genuinely like and respect. So how do you move toward the right fit? First, make your career decisions with the following questions in mind: Do you like and respect the employees? Can you imagine having a best friend at work? Do you aspire to become like the most senior members of the organization? Does the role play to your strengths? Are you fundamentally interested in whatever it is that the organization does? Second, develop and follow role models. Study the people who are living the life you want to live. Find out how they achieved their results, where they came from, and what actions they took over time. Finally, be prepared to make trade-offs in the short term to achieve what you want down the road.

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: Strong long-term financial results; demonstrated visionary and strategic skills; the ability to overcome challenges; excellent organizational and people skills; demonstrated consistent strength of character; evidenced entrepreneurship; a demonstrable impact on business, industry, or society; a track record of innovation; maintained exemplary customer focus, and shown a genuine commitment to diversity and social responsibility.

Sector specialization: Technology, communications and media; hotels; private equity, financial services

Job function specialization: CEOs, CFOs, board directors

Geographical Focus: North America

Companies I often recruit for: Yahoo!, Microsoft, Eastman Kodak, Starwood Hotels

Favorite historical figure:

Education: Vassar College, BA economics, 1981, Phi Beta Kappa graduate; Harvard Business School, MBA, 1986, with distinction

Languages: English

Employment history: Spencer Stuart, senior director, 1994-Present; The Reader?s Digest Assn., director of corporate planning; McKinsey & Co., senior engagement manager; Goldman, Sachs & Co., associate; Morgan Stanley, financial analyst

Other interests: Running, biking, swimming, tennis, golf

Professional/Membership Affiliations: Member of the Harvard Business School Club of New York, Vassar College Board of Trustees, and the advisory board of venture capital firm Maveron

Experience in executive search consulting: 14 years

High Profile Placement: CEO, Yahoo!

Other paths I might have pursued: NA

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: NA

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