Toyota Trains India Teens

The carmaker's Bangalore institute aims to give poor teenagers a leg up and produce skilled workers for the subcontinent's auto boom
Morning exercises at the Toyota Technical Training Institute outside of Bangalore NAMAS BHOJANI

When Harish Hanumantharayappa returned to his native village of Buraganahalli, India, a few months ago, his old schoolmates thought he was weird. Harish, 17, came wearing a Toyota (TM) uniform: beige T-shirt neatly tucked into his gray pants, gleaming black shoes, and a red cap. His friends in the village 65 miles from Bangalore also found him full of odd habits—crossing the muddy village roads, for example, Harish would stop, point his fore and middle fingers, look right and left, and then cross. He told his amused friends that he was practicing what he was taught at the Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI) at Bidadi on the outskirts of Bangalore.

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