P&G: Using the Past to Invent the Future

In this excerpt from Roger Martin's new book, he discusses how P&G's A.G. Lafley balanced experience with a willingness to nurture originalityto cause a revolution in laundry

As I brought to a close my eight-hour interview with A.G. Lafley, President and Chief Executive of Procter & Gamble (PG), I was deeply struck with the power of well-considered and well-leveraged experiences. In walking through 33 years of decision-making experience with him, from running a U.S. Navy retail operation to running P&G since 2000, I came to appreciate how Lafley became a consummate integrative thinker. The most striking aspect was how he used his experiences both to deepen his mastery and nurture his originality, rather than focusing on one at the expense of the other.

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