How Many Gaming Macs Did Apple Sell Last Quarter?

Apple (AAPL) is scheduled to release its first quarter results for fiscal year ‘08 on Jan 22. Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner is expecting a rally in Apple shares partly based on sales of 2.4 million computers — a 49% year-over-year gain — driven by “very strong flat panel iMac demand.” Ahead of the earnings and the recent MacWorld, I asked a group of innovators, new drool-worthy ultra-thin MacBooks and slick media devices aside, what should the Cupertino company look into next? As background, I talked quickly with Epic Games VP Mark Rein about what Steve Jobs could do to bolster gaming on the platform. “I’d love to see the higher end chips,” he said, “making sure that all the Macs except maybe the Mini have really good graphics cards.”

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