Infiniti Gives BMW a Run for Its Money

The new G37 coupe has a powerful engine, is loaded with goodies, and looks greatproviding serious competition for the 3 series

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Handling, good looks, powerful new engine, improved gas mileage

The Bad: Tight rear seat, tiny trunk

The Bottom Line: The BMW 3 Series' toughest competitor

Up Front

Aficionados of European sports cars often chauvinistically complain that rival Japanese models are soulless, but there's nothing soulless about the new rear-wheel-drive Infiniti G37. A two-door version of Infiniti's terrific G35 sedan, the G37 is hot, gorgeous, and priced competitively with the BMWG.DE 328i while offering more power and extra features. This new Infiniti coupe combines the upscale interior of an entry-level luxury car with the speed and handling of a sports car.

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