CES Goes Hollywood in Las Vegas

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, usually the stomping ground of geeks, was a circus of stars as Comcast and Sony introduced their new wares

It was hard to miss the fact that Hollywood got star billing at the geekfest that is the annual Consumer Electronics Show. TV stars were everywhere in Las Vegas, and not behind velvet ropes. Vanna White warmed up the crowd at an invitation-only Sony (SNE) event. Alex Trebek waxed poetic about Jeopardy's online games, and Jerry Seinfeld, fronting for Sony's new online efforts, had 'em rolling in their folding chairs with gags about everything from his 80-year-old mother to Viagra ("Ever wonder why there's always a guy climbing a mountain in those ads? And call a doctor if the condition persists for four hours? Not before I know what he's gonna do to me!"). Kevin Costner was roaming the convention floor, and NBC's (GE) news elite, including both Brian Williams and Al Roker, were broadcasting from the show.

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