Improve Your Customer Service

Show your frontline employees how to use the LEAP process and they’ll quickly turn a customer complaint into a world-class customer-service experience. LEAP is a simple, four-step process that can make all the difference between average customer service and world-class customer service.

Listen intently with a focus on the customer:

• This conveys to the customer a sense of being heard.

• It shows that the employee cares.

Empathize with the customer:

• This shows the customer that you understand his or her problem.

• It signals that the employee will likely make an attempt to solve the problem.

Ask, "What can I do to make you happy?"

• This puts the power in the customer’s hands.

• It gives the employee an opportunity to mentally review what will satisfy the customer.

Promise to work to resolve the problem to the best of your ability:

• This helps the customer understand that action will be regarded with wholehearted dedication.

• It also gives employees the opportunity to have honest dialogue concerning what problems they can and can’t solve personally, but for which they are committed to taking responsibility. It ensures the problems will be resolved when the person with the appropriate level of authority is made aware of it.

Michael Brown Customer Service Consultant Los Angeles

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