Blogging Lures Ben Rosen, Major Shaper of the PC World

Ben Rosen, one of the big influencers of the PC world, has jumped into the blogging pool. Rosen, the former chairman of Compaq, retired from the industry five years ago. As my colleague Steve Hamm (who wrote cover story about Rosen) puts it, he still has the urge to express himself and influence issue. And he’s doing it through a blog.

In the blog, Rosen is already talking about a broad variety of issues, ranging from hurricanes to classical music. I love his take on the $100,000 Tesla roadster car, which Rosen is a big fan of. Still, though everyone is calling the car of the future, Rosen’s hard won experience (he actually helped build a working prototype hybrid car in the 1990s that never got commercialized ), makes the experienced hand a little more sanguine.

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