A What-If Arsenal Can Solve 90% of Your Customer Complaints

Sometimes customer emotions can be volatile and tempers slippery when a problem with service arises. But sending customers off to the nearest store or telling them that you can’t do anything to help is not going to cut it. Doing so will only make them more likely to avoid your company in the future. That’s why businesses need to create a "What-If Arsenal" to resolve customer complaints.

A What-If Arsenal is a stockpile of tools and techniques that helps foster a consistently superb business-to-customer interaction. It is a cache of solutions managers and employees can use to solve customer complaints. They should be at the employee’s fingertips or stored in his or her head for instant retrieval when the manager is away.

The root cause of customer problems and complaints are beyond the frontline employees’ hands and there is no way they can predict or prevent them, like a cash register malfunction or supply shortage. But employees can come to work equipped with backup plans, and be able to pull from the What-If Arsenal for solutions to make the customer feel better when the unexpected does occur.

Michael Brown Customer Service Consultant FreshCustomerService.com Los Angeles

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