Gmail ads are kind of funny, creepy

Check out this clever bit of online media planning from Honda:

That link appeared top of my personal Gmail account this morning. True? Yeah - I did crave Korean, a few days ago. Effective? Well, I clicked on it. It takes you to a Honda website where the CR-V sport utility crossover (Crave the CR-V, get it?) plays 20 Questions with you to guess whatever you’re craving. Weird? Totally! I’m not sure why it showed up. Outside of a gmail chat last week that mentioned both sushi and a Korean film, Burt Helm’s archived Gmail correspondence last contained a reference to Korean food on July 5.

The specificity was amusing, but also pretty darn creepy. Yes, I know no one is actually reading my email and it’s just an algorithm and blah blah blah, and from an advertising standpoint it’s very clever. But the more targeted ads get, the more it feels the advertiser is right inside my brain. I’m not sure I like this.

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