Gawker: The relative value of a pageview

I’m imagining life in the the pay-for-pageview universe of Nick Denton. No doubt, journalists, like advertisers, are increasingly going to see pay tied to measurable performance.

Even so, we’ll value certain pageviews far more than others. In Denton’s scheme, they’re all the same.

…If your site has a PV rate of $5: $2,000 = 400,000 views: $5,000 = 1m views: $7,000 = 1.4m views

Based on this example, if your base pay is $2,000 per month then you would need to get upwards of 400,000 pageviews to begin earning bonus. A total of 500,000 views would earn $500 bonus (or $2,500 total pay).

If I have the arithmetic right, this translates into a half cent per additional pageview. Now, if you break news, get linked like crazy, or perhaps link (like my colleague David Kiley) to a salacious video, you can make a wad of cash. The half cents add up. But how do you value a post that reaches a small but influential readership? For blog masters, they’re indistinguishable. But from the blogger’s perspective, a single pageview from the right person could lead to far more: a job offer, a book contract, or an idea for a start-up.