How to Receive Less E-mail

The staggering amount of e-mail we receive is causing some companies to declare "No E-mail Days." Here are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of e-mail you receive:

• Send less e-mail. E-mail begets e-mail; the more e-mail you send, the more e-mail you will get.

• Pick up the phone. Complicated, sensitive, or personal issues will take less time when handled by person-to-person dialogue rather than e-mail.

• Copy only necessary people. When you copy even one extraneous person, you’ve increased the chance they’ll respond to you. By being "copy frugal" you will reduce the amount of e-mail you receive in return.

• Pare down your group lists. Similar to the tip above, many people forget to update their group lists and end up sending e-mails to people no longer appropriate. More e-mail for them, more e-mail for you.

• Avoid using e-mail as a chat room or a group discussion forum. It is much better to have a meeting or conference call or to set up an actual chat room when multiple opinions and responses are desired.

Marsha Egan President Reading, Penn.

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