Ugobe's Pleo: A Baby Dino in Toyland

The long-awaited robotic dinosaur is lifelike and charming, but it can require too much work to elicit certain responses from it

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Exhibits a range of behaviors and sounds that bring this creature to life

The Bad: Eliciting the toy's subtler responses takes persistence and time

The Bottom Line: Charmingly evokes a puppy or small child, but avoiding repetition requires diligent experimentation

In a market full of toys and games that spring into loud, excited action, Ugobe's Pleo speaks to a subtler approach. When I first set the much-hyped, long-delayed green robotic dinosaur on its feet and slid its switch to "on," Pleo didn't so much announce its presence as slowly wake from what seemed like a very long nap.

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