OK, Music Subscription Fans -- Let's Hear Your Marketing Ideas

So here's my challenge, subscription fans: how would you market your favorite service?...Evidently, these folks need your help.

I just read through the 41 comments on our recent story about the opportunities for music subscription services like Rhapsody, Napster and Yahoo. Turns out 18 of you adore this approach, and think its a matter of time before others figure out what a good value it is. But 17 of you say prefer to own your music, a la iTunes, and can’t imagine paying a monthly fee for music you’ll never listen to. And oh yes, a number in the anti-subscription group just want me to stop writing about the topic. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!! Enough with this subscription crap!,” commented D9. “Over and over and over, you try to state how it’s the way of the future. You can theorize about it, you can justify it, heck you can even try to dream it like this article does but the bottom line is PEOPLE ARE NOT BUYING SUBSCRIPTIONS! Simply put, people don’t want to rent music.”

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