Home Server Followup: Bad News, Good News

When I looked at my Hewlett-Packard MediaSmart Windows Home Server this morning, I noticed that only one of the blue disk drive lights was one. I fired up the Home Server console on a PC and there was an ominous warning that one of the drives had failed.

One of the two 500 MB Seagate Barracuda drives in the Home Server had suffered an extremely premature failure. I pulled it out—the device allows hot swapping of drives—and tested it in another enclosure. Sure enough, dead as a doornail.

Now for the good news. I pulled a matching 500 MB drive out of the Drobo automated external storage unit I had plugged into a USB port on the Home Server and inserted it into the Home Server. The new drive showed up on the console and a couple of clicks got it formatted and running. Things on the Drobo were even simpler--it just automatically reconfigured itself to deal with the missing drive.

No data were harmed by either the failure or the drive swap and the hardest part of the whole operation was figuring out how to remove the drive from the carrier that HP uses.

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