Carhartt's Winter Wonderland

Holiday windows are always a wonder to behold, not to mention a nightmare to negotiate, what with the hordes of tourists with noses pressed up to them.

Over in London, trendy sportswear company took the opportunity to create a winter wonderland/grotto for its retail store in Covent Garden. With a budget of £15,000 (about $30,000), design/creative studio McFaul created a series of cool images to make over the entire store environment. I’m not there so I haven’t been able to go and see in person, but the idea is that the redesign shouldn’t be mere pictures on the walls or in the windows, but entirely transformative. And it’s certainly a nod towards the ever-increased importance businesses are placing on the designs of their physical environment.

“We want people to feel ‘within’ something. Surrounded and enveloped,” explains McFaul founder and creative director, John McFaul, who proposed the idea to Carhartt after a similar arrangement with Adidas came to nothing. “After being briefed by James at Carhartt, we gathered round… Many concepts were brought to the table but it was the idea of creating an icy world full of yetis/ penguins/ fish/ snow leopards/ ice monkeys and monsters that got us all jumping in our seats.”

The installation took three days; it’ll be up for three months. One image here — some more after the jump.

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