Apple's iPhone Will Fail In India. And Maybe Britain too.

A number of Indians at the summit on design and innovation in Bangalore last week were carrying hacked iPhones around and they complained that Apple didn’t get it when it comes to Indian culture. Why? Texting. The Indian designers said the iPhone didn’t do group texting and didn’t forward texts. But Indians, with their extended families and social networks, need to do both all the time.

Indians live on their phones. I joked to one that it was hard for me to see how India actually existed before the cell phone, since it was so much a part of their culture.

Bottom line—Apple has time to fix its texting function for the iPhone before it officially launches in India. Early adapters in Bangalore have done Apple a favor by testing the iPhone out. Now all Apple has to do is listen to them. Get that group texting and forwarding thing right.

I hear the same complaints are coming out of Britain as well.

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