Mercedes to Driver: Wake Up!

To make driving safer, Mercedes is working on a system that recognizes tiredness and warns when it's time to take a break

Alcohol and speed are rightfully targeted as major causes of road accidents, but another deadly factor -- falling asleep at the wheel -- is not always given the profile it deserves in developing strategies to combat the road toll. In an effort to make driving safer for both the occupants of the vehicle and their fellow road users, Mercedes-Benz is working on a system that recognizes tiredness-related changes in personal driving style and warns the driver that it's time to take a break when these changes are detected. Now entering the final stages of development and expected to go into series production in 2009, the Attention Assist system constantly monitors typical driving patterns to establish an individual profile and, taking into account factors like the time of day, the duration of the trip and steering behavior, makes a decision on whether the driver is becoming tired when there is deviation from this saved data.

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