Samsung LCD: Deep Colors at a Discount

Samsung's HD TV has some drawbacks, but the high-quality sound and video from this big-screen setnot to mention the price cutsmake it a nice choice

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Excellent picture detail, deep blacks, reduced motion blur

The Bad: Side-mounted speakers add to TV's width; occasional signal-noise issues

The Bottom Line: Samsung remains in top tier of TV makers with this high-end, 52-inch LCD

Each year, high-definition TV makers seem to find new technologies to entice buyers into purchasing ever-larger screen sizes to help counter a steep slide in what these companies can charge for their sets. Samsung's LN-T5271F is a prime example of this determination to make sure the latest TVs not only look good on the outside but deliver the latest cutting-edge enhancements from their innards. Yet despite all these high-end features, prices keep tumbling even on the latest models like this, creating great bargains.

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