The World's Most Expensive Motorcycle?

The Ecosse Titanium Series boasts a 200-horsepower, 2150cc polished billet aluminum v-twin engine and a $275,000 price tag

If you're the kinda person that drives a Reventon, won't tap on a laptop unless it's a Luvaglio, and only sails Mangusta, then boy have we got the motorcycle for you! It's called the Ecosse Titanium Series -- so called because it sports the world's first all-titanium frame. And from the 200-horsepower, 2150cc polished billet aluminum v-twin engine, to the MotoGP-spec Ohlins suspension, to the radially-mounted 6-piston billet ISR front brake calipers -- with an individual brake pad for each of the 12 pistons -- every detail screams "you can't afford me!" At USD$275,000 it's not cheap -- but it does come with a free watch.

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