Led Zeppelin Reunites, Leading To Totemic Moment In Targeted Advertising

As you may have heard, Led Zeppelin played a one-off reunion show in London last night. And, like any good rock fan, I clicked on the video link on this review run by Britain’s Sun tabloid, eager to see a clip from the show.

And I get greeted by an ad featuring a gray haired guy striding towards the camera earnestly declaiming:

“When my doctor told me my high blood pressure may have led to my erectile dysfunction … ”

Yup, a Levitra ad. And not just any Levitra ad. This one was 60 seconds long. (Possibly longer. I mean, it goes on forever.)

I know, I know, it’s been a long time since they (and their fans) rock and rolled. But we didn’t need to know why.

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