How to Interact with Customers Using Social Networks

Here are some tips to getting the most traction in reaching out and connecting with your customers via social networks:

•Send individual e-mails. Every social network has a personal inbox feature where messages get sent to your contacts and other members. By crafting clear, well-focused, short messages, you can pass along information about your business. •Comment on your contacts’ profile pages. Leaving a friendly hello on your contacts’ profiles is a good way to get to know your customers and form relationships. Once you build rapport, you can try subtly plugging your product, service, or business in your comments. •Start and join groups. You can form groups about anything—from the serious, such as Green Thumbs (if you have a landscaping business), to the not so serious, such as a group for dog-lovers. Once you start a group, invite your customers to join.

This might look like a ton of stuff to digest, but if you look at it piece by piece, you’ll see that none of it is tough to do. Plus, you don’t even have to be tech-savvy—you just have to get started.

Andy Leff CEO Philadelphia, Pa.

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