Award season is here: BMW announces its "Passion for Innovation" winners

Tis the season for announcing science and innovation awards. The Tech channel recently ran a round-up of the winning women who swept the board in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology for high school students.

And now BMW just announced the winners of its Scientific Award in a ceremony at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. This year, there were six winners, from colleges from the US and Europe. With a main prize of 70,000 Euros, there were two categories — for Doctoral theses and those of Bachelors/Masters students. Top winners included MIT’s Ali Khademhosseini for his development of a technique of micro-systems engineering which would enable the creation of laboratories in chip form. So, rather than have a bunch of cells on a petri dish, a biologist, doctor, or physician (say) could control the growth conditions of an individual cell — a tiny environment which could have huge implications for industry.

The theme of this year’s competition was “Passion for Innovation”. If you ask me, science is still too often held to be synonymous with innovation, which should instead be viewed as a much more far-ranging discipline. But it’s great to see young scientists getting recognition for their work. Congratulations all round.

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