Cutting Energy Costs on a Small Budget

As the cost of energy continues to rise, many small business owners struggle to maintain their bottom line while maintaining a space that’s comfortable for employees and customers. Here are a few simple, low-cost changes you and your staff can make that will save a significant dollar amount.

•Make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are properly maintained and functioning. •Consider programmable thermostats or building automation systems. •Consider tinting windows that face the bright afternoon sun. Windows on a storefront let in the heat of the sun and then trap it inside. Tinting windows is inexpensive and highly effective in cutting cooling costs. •Change bulbs to lower wattage fluorescents and turn them out at night whenever possible. •In the summer, raise the thermostat two degrees, and in the winter drop it two degrees. The difference in comfort between 72 and 74 degrees is small, but the difference in cost is significant. By following these simple energy saving strategies, business owners can reduce energy expenses and ring up substantial savings.

Paul J. Belair President Roth Bros. Youngstown, Ohio

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