Why YouTube Is MIA in China

The Google-owned video-sharing service is conspicuous by its absence in the mainland, and Chinese often have trouble seeing the U.S. site

By any reckoning, China should be an important new territory for YouTube. The country is the world's second-largest Internet market, after the U.S., it's rapidly beefing up its broadband infrastructure, and it's home to millions of Net-savvy youths who love posting videos online. The Backdorm Boys, a Chinese-student singing duo, was one of the first breakout hits from online video, with their lip-synching clips recorded in their dormitory room winning fans worldwide. Moreover, YouTube owner Google (GOOG) is making a big push in the mainland, poaching top Microsoft (MSFT) executive Kai-Fu Lee two years ago to spearhead the search engine's drive into China. In October, YouTube made its first moves in Greater China, launching Chinese versions in Hong Kong and Taiwan in October.

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