The Web 2.0 Way to Get Close to Your Customers

In today’s online world, customers have all the power. They can now shop online to find the products they want, and search from Tennessee to Tokyo. Communication between companies and customers has never been easier, even though many customer service departments might never see a customer’s face. Here are my recommendations for reaching your customers easily online:

•Use RSS feeds to keep customers updated automatically. •Make sure your site is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly to reach your customers when they search online. •Open up online ratings on your site and allow for tagging of your goods and services, which helps SEO efforts as well as getting you customer feedback. •Join the online communities where your target audience spends time.

In the end, personalizing a customer’s experience in a largely impersonal technological realm can make a world of difference in repeat business and sales.

Andy Leff CEO Philadelphia, Pa.

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