Suzuki Chief Rips Rival's India Plans

Chairman Osamu Suzuki questions whether Tata's $3,000 car can meet standards, vowing to keep his Maruti brand working on more profitable models
The president of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Osamu Suzuki attends a news conference ALEXANDER TARAN/AFP/Getty Images

Suzuki Motor's 77-year-old chairman Osamu Suzuki was in great form Dec. 5 at a press lunch in Tokyo. Despite his years, Suzuki was as impish as ever, sarcastically thanking reporters (including this one) for advice, scalding the company's new India chief Shinzo Nakanishi for even contemplating a share of less than 50% in that country's fast-growing auto market, and promising that he'll still be leading the Japanese automaker in another 10 years time.

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