Scorsese Wine Film a Sparkling Ad

The short Net film, which is being shown in movie theatres, produced by director Martin Scorsese on behalf of Spanish winemaker Freixenet is an example of what more ad agencies and brands should be doing in the field of brand content.

The film follows a fictional script that Scorsese has found a script fragment of Alfred Hitchcock’s that was never filmed. In the film , we see the director interviewed about his intention to film the pages, the film itself, and then an epilogue interview in the end. It runs about nine minutes.

The story centers around a key to a box that houses a bottle of Freixenet Reserva. The story fragment involves Scorsese having a ball shooting snippets of homage/parody of Hitchcock classics: North By Northwest, Rear Window, The Man Who New Too Much, Frenzy, Spellbound and The Birds.

I had a great time watching how much fun Scorsese was having, and the film itself was a visual bon-bon.

The discussion hotting up in the ad business today is “What is an ad.” It’s clear that the most effective ads are rapidly becoming closer to being “content.” For all the talk of the short attention span of consumers and our supposed dislike of ads, it’s this kind of format, in its nine minutes of glory, that can save the ad business. The agency, by the way, working with Scorsese is JWT.

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