Paper Economy says it can tell what your house is worth. Roughly.

The website Paper Economy has created a tool that purports to tell you how much your house is worth. All you have to tell it is what metro area you’re in, what you paid, and when you bought. The tool then looks up data from the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index for your metro area and generates a chart showing the ups and downs of your home’s price since the day you bought. Try it here.

To me, this is mostly for entertainment value. It doesn’t take into account any changes in your house since you bought it, such as remodeling. And it doesn’t consider price trends in your own neighborhood, which could be far different from the ones in the overall metro area. Not to mention that there are S&P/Case-Shiller indexes for only 20 metro areas. (Billings, Jacksonville, and Juneau are out of luck.)

Still, if you’re obsessed by the housing market, it’s worth checking out sometime. You can never get too much of this stuff.

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