BusinessWeek art dept scoops illustration awards

Alright, so the art department can’t take the credit for the illustrations themselves. That goes to the two artists in question (Hendrik Drescher, below — Tim Hussey after the jump). But the two art directors in question, Christine Silver and Don Besom respectively, do get the credit for designing the beautiful pages in which those illustrations reside, and all are recognized in the 2007 Society of Illustrators awards, just announced. BW has a great tradition of using amazing illustration in a creative, eye-catching way that really sets off the content of the articles. I know I sound like a total suck up for saying that, but it’s true, so there. And given that many of our online readers don’t see the printed version of the magazine, here’s a chance to check out what happens on paper. (Illustration is still big in the redesigned mag, too). Congrats all round.

The Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Racket, published June 25, 2007. Illustration by Hendrik Drescher, art direction by Christine Silver

What Price Reputation?, published July 9/16, 2007. Illustration by Tim Hussey, art direction by Don Besom

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