Should We Free The Canon Webinar?

I’m caught in a fascinating conunrum. Well, actually Canon is caught in a conundrum. I did a great video webinar before Thanksgiving with three pioneers in social networking—Joe Robinson of A Small World, Danphne Kwon of ExpoTV and Douglas Atkins of Canon sponsored it and you had to register to plug in.

That’s cool. Lots of people registered, many watched it live and many more watched it later over the weekend. People are still registering and plugging in.

But should we, as David Armano, suggests, “free” the video and let it roam over the blogosphere and web? All it would take would be to make the code available, right? And wouldn’t Canon benefit if thousands of people had quick access to the thoughts and discussion of a very smart panel on social media? Well, yes, but… The counter-argument is that Canon supported the video webinar and deserves the information it is getting about the people registering to watch it. And without additional branding, Canon only gets a brief mention in my introductory remarks to the discussion.

As an open-source kind of guy, my own sense is to open up the video to the web—and provide Canon with the kind of recognition it deserves to sponsor such a great trio of social media greats who have fascinating things to say. Spread the word.

What do you think?

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