New Wheels For Car Boy--Update

I thhought I had decided what to buy. After weeks of deliberation, I thought I would get the Saturn Astra. But not any more. First, the availability is now sometime in January. They were supposed to be here by November.

But more importantly, I found out I can’t get factory-installed Sat radio. I recently got rid of my Subaru, which had an after-market Sirius radio, bolted to the dash. I hated that. Not again.

Riddle me why a 2008 GM model, even if it is being impported from Europe, can’t manage a factory installed XM radio? Give me a break. We can manage a space station and split the atom. And the new Ford Focus can play my music by voice command. But the Saturn Astra can’t manage a proper in-dash Sat radio?

The first snow-fall in Ann Arbor and the sliding around I did in my fwd Suzuki press car today also reminded me that I might want to re-think not insisting on an awd vehicle, which, of course, kills gas mileage.

Maybe I need to build my own car.

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