Ingram: BusinessWeek doesn't get user-generated stuff

Mathew Ingram complains that BusinessWeek simplifies and slams User Generated Content.

He writes:

The thing that really bugs me about the BusinessWeek article is that there’s this false dichotomy between high-quality professional content and low-quality UGC crap. It’s not that binary, I would argue. It’s more like a spectrum, with professional content on one end, and as you move down the scale you get lower quality, until there’s your brother-in-law singing karaoke.

But reading the article, I see more texture (and less false dichotemy) than Mathew. The conclusion is that many users and advertisers appear to be heading toward professional-quality content. That means that freelancers who want to attract eyeballs and ad dollars would be well advised to polish their product. They’ve got the tools.

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