Best "Marketing to Millennials" tips I've seen yet

Ok, so being born in 1982, I count as a

Ok, so being born in 1982, I count as a “millenial,” the much worried-over, gabbed-about generation that’s emerging in the work force today. I get a ton of ribbing about this in the office, especially when one of the oft-released news stories comes out saying we’re the most praise-needy, sensitive, and self-centered group ever (check out the recent 60 Minutes broadcast, for instance).

But I think this column by Carol Phillips, which lists the 10 things college students don’t know about marketing, gets a lot of things right. In particular, she points out the perils of marketing your product as “luxury.” College students and young people think of themselves as “poor” no matter what they make, and despite the fact that they have an iPod, an iPhone, and $180 jeans. They’ll still pay a premium, but they’ll be turned off if you’re marketing yourself as ritzy.

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