A Great Video on Social Media By Three Pioneers In It--Joe Robinson of asmallworld.com, Daphne Kwon of expotv.com and Douglas Atkins of meetup.com.

Go to this site for amazing insights into the evolution of social networking. I moderated a panel on Tuesday with these leaders and their insights are incredibly useful. You gotta register, sorry, but it’s worth it. So why are so many people leaving Facebook? Perhaps because so many people are asking themselves just how much of a real community it is now that it is being commercialized. In fact, the desire for real community, not just 1,000 “friends” is changing the nature of social media. Authentic relations—that’s what people are wanting. And they are migrating to smaller, members-only, private, invitation-only social networks to get those authentic relations.

And did Steve Jobs make a big mistake on the iPhone pricing? Oh yeah, it really hurt the cult of Apple, according to Doug.

Is LinkedIn really useful? Maybe less than you think.

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