Will Amazon.com's Kindle Spark the Future of Reading?

I’m as interested as the next gadget watcher to see if Amazon can fulfill the sweeping promise Newsweek outlines for its Kindle e-book reader, coming out Monday. (BusinessWeek wrote about it a couple months ago. TechCrunch and Engadget liveblogged the New York event.) But like Rex Hammock, who articulates his uncertainties better than I did in a post that a computer crash just wiped out, I’m going to have to reserve judgment until I try it out myself. And at $399, I’m not sure how soon that’s going to be. Meanwhile, as Rex notes, Google and Apple could easily play here if they’re so inclined. Stretch out an iPhone Touch and you’ve got a very nice-looking e-book reader. (However, my colleague Steve Wildstrom, whose review is posted now, notes that E-Ink screens are much better for this purpose because they’re more readable and use far less power than conventional screens—because who wants their book to run out of power in the middle of a chapter?)

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