What Exactly Is New?

I heard someone the other day say that

I heard someone the other day say that “Curvy is the new thin.” This was said in the context of how Queen Latifah has become an icon for many women who would rather be healthy than painfully thin. the idea was also chatted up in the aftermath of designer Karl Lagerfeld sending some emaciated looking models home after they showed up to wear some of his wares.

Redefining what is “new” has become pretty trendy. I have also heard:

“Small is the new big” when it comes to houses. “Green is the new black,” talking about how being environmentally conscious is not only responsible, but fashionable. “60 is the new 40,” espoused by baby boomer everywhere.

I have a suggestion of my own.

“Thoughtful is the new bloviation” when it comes to political discourse. I’m not hopeful. The level of debate on, say, Hannity & Colmes” “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hardball” will still wallow around the level of a Middle School debate over school lunches well after the election.

Also, how about…”The car is the new SUV.” I just returned from the U.K. where the M4 between London and Cardiff was a showcase for what I’d like to see U.S. highways look like; a sea of small cars and diesel powered sedans getting over 40 miles per gallon with only an occasional Land Rover, BMW X5 or Toyota Landcruiser breaking up the trend. And I didn’t find anyone who was complaining about it.

Readers of this blog…..I ask you to susggest your own “New” ideas, and we will post them in the comment section. After a weekk, I’ll showcase the best ten we get in the blog.

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