Social Networks: Plenty of Companies Just Don't Like Em

Barracuda Networks released a couple of surveys this morning that showed that two-thirds of businesses expect to restrict employee use of the Internet next year, or about 20% more than this year.

On the burning topic of social networks, Barracuda Networks surveyd 2,400 of its customers and found that about 50% say they block access to social networking sites Facebook or MySpace. About 44% block MySpace, while 26% block Facebook.

That’s a difference that’s bound to be erased as Facebook popularity continues to rise— and CIOs read more about the luscious targeting opportunities that these two companies are offering to advertisers.

Not that I think that the concern is about, say, someone targeting to an employee based on their past experience or their job description. Just that the targeting talk will make them aware of just how much information employees can put on their pages and the kinds of information that they can share with “friends.”

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