Google's Android: A Wish List

Google-lead Open Handset Alliance is hoping its efforts will result in a slew of new, innovative applications and services for cell phones. The alliance's Web site posts some new applications ideas -- from kids. But what kind of applications would you like to see? What's on your wish list?

Yesterday, Google and 33 other companies formed Open Handset Alliance, an open-source mobile software consortium whose stated goal is to create easier-to-use cell phones running new, innovative applications that haven’t been available or possible to make until now. “It starts a whole wave of innovation,” Google’s Andy Rubin said during a conference call announcing the consortium and its software platform, called Android.

My question is, What might Android-enabled cell phones do that today’s mobile phones can’t? Open Handset Alliance’s Web site offers some helpful suggestions from kids, found here: One little guy wants his mobile phone to make pizza. Another wants a phone that turns into underpants.

But seriously: What would you want your cell phone to do? What’s on your wish list?

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