Retail as Public Service?

Yesterday was NYC Marathon day, with Katie Holmes, Lance Armstrong and my own pal Brigid, running 26.2 miles to victory. Me, I was speed walking with my husband through Midtown from First Avenue, where we watched the beginning of the race, to Central Park, all the while desperately seeking an Internet Cafe so that we could look up online where Brigid was. The runners have these little chips that they wear that help you track where they are at specific mile (or actually kilometer) markers.

There was no cafe to be found. But then we remembered the Apple store a the corner of the park on 58th. And just about the time that we were talking about that, we passed by an New York Public Library. Which was closed. Because it’s Sunday. And that’s fine. But yet again, it was a reminder of how fluid repositories of information have become, in just one lifetime—my own!

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