Hakia search: Meet others who made the same query

Hakia.com, a New York-based

Hakia.com, a New York-based “contextual” search engine, is offering a service to link users with others who have made the same query. If you’re looking for “used cars New York,” for example, you can click and find yourself in an online room with others looking for the same thing. Hakia calls it a blend of Google and Craigslist.

The service is open for all to review posted responses, while providing those who post messages or responses, the option of determining how, and if, to be contacted, either by allowing one-to-one correspondence or through group postings.

I can see that if the service got popular, hucksters would be hanging out in the various rooms. And any pedophiles dumb enough to use it would probably bump into a cop or two.

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